Expert Seminar Series

The EMWA Expert Seminar Series (ESS) is open to everyone, experienced medical writers, heads of medical writing departments, and industry leaders from other disciplines who are interested in the latest developments affecting the medical writing industry and playing a role in shaping the world of medical writing.  

There is the option to join ESS session(s) online.


Wednesday 8 May

ESS 1 - Non-Clinical Regulatory Writing

While there have been many presentations at EMWA conferences on clinical writing and the role of medical writers within that process, this session brings in experts from the non-clinical space and focuses on the work of scientific and medical writers in this domain. This session will mainly cover the contents of the non-clinical section of the eCTD (Module 2), including which studies to include in Module 2. We will discuss the needs of the regulators, including for products that do not fit the standard regulatory classification categories.

ESS 2 - Visual Healthcare Communications

In today's digital era, effective communication has become indispensable for conveying information, capturing attention, and fostering meaningful connections. EMWA’s Creative team has organised an ESS on Visual Healthcare Communications, which will explore the growing significance of visual aids in the medical field. In this session, we will delve into key concepts related to visualising data and creating graphical content, providing valuable insights for healthcare professionals and medical communicators. We have invited experts in the field to discuss how visual aids can support medical communications, aiming to provide conference participants with additional resources and information on the topic. This will equip attendees with valuable references to further explore and enhance their visual healthcare communications skills. This ESS will inspire participants to effectively communicate medical data and research findings through visually captivating means.

Friday 10 May

ESS 3: Experience, trust and public perception of AI

This expert session will cover a variety of topics, ranging from experience with established artificial intelligence (AI) tools (e.g., in translation and radiology); through the legal framework of AI in science and research, navigating the EU AI Act and its impact on medical device software files to the ultimate public perception of AI use in research. Finally, we will look at what the future holds for AI in science, research, and medical communications. Perception of, trust in, and the future of AI will be debated amongst speakers and participants.

ESS 4: Using AI tools in practice

This expert session takes a deep dive into some use cases of AI in document authoring. We start with discovering how to optimise teams to prepare for automation and AI in document production workflows. We then take a journey through PVG, regulatory and commercial use-cases of AI workflows and tools and we will end with a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of generative and rules-based AI. Real use-cases will be presented and debated amongst speakers and participants.